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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do I really need a dog waste removal service?
There are many reasons why dog waste should be promptly removed, a few are: It pollutes our ground water, attracts disease-carrying pests, and could endanger the health of your family, children and pets. So it should NEVER be used as garden compost.  
You have to ask yourself, with everyone's busy schedule, do YOU really have time to take care of this very necessary, but unpleasant chore?

What is your service area?
We now offer excellent service in Germantown, Kettering, Moraine, Miami Township, Five Points, Miamisburg, Springboro, Centerville, West Carrollton, Woodbourne-Hyde Park, and Washington Township.

What kind of services do you offer?
We offer Dog waste pick-up and removal (pooper scooping), as well as yard deodorizing and disinfecting for residential and commercial properties. We also offer order fulfillment through our online pet accessories store.


What and where will your technicians clean?  
We clean yards, dog kennels, dog runs, dog cages, patios, decks, sidewalks and just about anywhere outside your dog(s) can poop.   We make our service available to commercial properties, large dog shows, city parks, condos and apartments.   However, if you are not a residential customer you should call to set up an appointment.


Is it possible to hire you for a one-time cleaning only?
Yes, it is $29.99 for the first half hour, and $15 per each additional 15 minute interval.   The $29.99 will be charged when you set the appointment on the appointment tab.   If your yard takes more than a half hour to scoop, we will ask if you would like us to continue before we carry on with extra time.   The additional amount will be invoiced and sent via e-mail, where you can pay through PayPal using a credit card.


What will our first meeting be like?
The first time we meet will be after you have set an appointment. You'll receive two e-mails, a verification e-mail, which will verify that you are in fact who you say you are, and a confirmation e-mail to confirm the appointment. We will show up with-in that half-hour block of the time and date you have specified.   We prefer to meet with the person who set the appointment and at that time we will have you sign a service agreement.

  It just states some basic things, for example; you are allowing us to do our services in your yard. If you would like to leave your dog in the yard, we will need a small meet and greet with your four-legged friend.   We will give you a brief overview on our additional services.  
Then we will help you choose the right services to fit your needs. We will also discuss where the poop will go, as well as entering and exiting the property.
VERY IMPORTANT - If you have any doubts about the territorial nature of your dog(s) while our technicians are on your property, we will have to ask that you confine or restrain them. We will knock on the door for you or a family member to escort them out of the yard while we work.  We do offer call before service calls for a small fee.   We may suggest you arrange for your dogs to be indoors on service day if they prove to be territorial.   You taking the precautions to ensure our safety makes us feel more welcome and more comfortable while being on your property and we thank you in advance.


What days of the week, are you available?
We scoop Monday through Friday, and sometimes we make Saturday appointments available.

How often will MyYardBuddy service my lawn?
As often as you would like, but most common, customers prefer once or twice weekly service.   We also offer three times a week and a onetime cleaning service.


Is it required that I be home when you clean my property?
No it is not required that you be home, but please be sure to have made your yard & trash cans accessible to our technicians on your service day. We do not, and will not climb fences.


How will I know my service day?
It's usually same day as the first vist but if it changes we will e-mail you your service day.


Will my service day ever change?
The answer is yes, though we try our best to keep the "service day dance" down to a minimum. Also, if your service day falls on a holiday or there is poor weather we will continue either the day after, or come a day early.


What holidays do you take off?
New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Presidents' Day, Martin Luther King day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas eve, Christmas day and the Day after Christmas.


What if my dog won't let you in the gate, or I forget to unlock the gate?
If service could not be performed because your dog would not let us in the gate or the gate was locked, the customer will be charged for that day's service visit. It is the customer's responsibility to assure uninhibited access to the service area.  If rescheduling is not possible for the same week, service will continue the following week.


Is your service year-round, what happens when it snows or there is extreme weather?
We will work in most weather, but heavy rain, snow, or declared State of Emergency will affect our service offerings.   Some ice, extreme cold, and lightning will keep us from scooping your dog's business as well.   We do the best we can under the conditions.  
Depending on how much snow has fallen will decide how we service your yard that week.   If it is a small amount, we will still come, and scoop what we can.   If a large amount is falling on the day you are scheduled for cleanup, we may postpone service a day or two.  
However, we will not stop service because there is snow on the ground; we will follow your dog(s) tracks to find his/her waste.   When the snow melts, we will pick up anything we missed because of low visibility from the snow.   Please keep in mind that when we missed some waste because of snow, we will be at your house longer next time.
We know that these winter months are crucial to the health of you and your family.   Immune systems are low from cold weather and lack of sun.   At this time your dog(s) may come in contact with their feces and track harmful bacteria into your home. This may potentially jeopardize all cleaning efforts you may have maintained in your cozy, bacteria guarded home.   We want to do our part to make sure you and your family stays healthy during this time.   This is why we keep our service going continual throughout the year.


Do I have to sign a contract?  
No, there is no contract, you can cancel anytime.   However, we do ask that you give a one (1) day notice when cancelling service. You can either call us or e-mail us your request. We will be sad to see you go, but we will be happier to have been of service to service to you.  Because you prepay for service, we will also refund any days that we have not attempted a service.


How am I billed and where do I pay?
You prepay for service with MyYardBuddy. We typically send out a billing statement through e-mail.   It represents the fees required to be paid for the upcoming month's service.   After the first time we clean your yard, we will invoice you for any additional charges to your first cleanup as well as your first month's prepayment, if we have agreed to it.
Your bill goes out about the 10th of each month and it's always due on the 25th of each month.  This will apply towards service visits for the following month.
Your billing statement will have a PayPal  button where you may click to make a secure payment.   This is extremely safe and we in no way have access to your credit card details.
You may also pay by cash or check, though we prefer online payment.   You may hand your payment to a technician or mail it to 1001 E. Linden AVE, #16 Miamisburg, OH 45342.   Make checks out to My Yard Buddy.   Note: all checks returned are subject to a $20 fee.   We will let you know and suspend your service until the matter is resolved.


What if I am late on a payment?
Payment is always due on the 25th of the month.   Between this time and the first we will be making our service route schedule.   Please, if you know you're going to be late, e-mail or call us to let us know when to expect payment.   By doing this you are sure to stay on our route and it leaves no room for miscommunication.   Furthermore, by requesting that we provide you this service, it is understood that you will pay for our services in a timely manner. If delinquency is frequent or reoccurring we reserve the right to add a ($10.00) ten dollar late fee on to the total of the bill.


What precautions do you take to prevent the spread of germs and microbes between properties?
We have a very powerful disinfectant that we use on our tools and our shoes after each property.   It is a hospital/ dog kennel cleaner that kills 99.9% of all germs and microorganisms.   That includes Canine Parvo Virus, Swine flu, Salmonella and virtually anything else you can think of.   We also offer a weekly spot spray with it and a one-time spray of a gallon of it for whatever you'd like us to spray it on.   It also doubles as a deodorizer.


What do you do with all the waste that you scoop?
Because we are an environmentally conscious company, waste disposal is one of four biggest concerns.    We have found that the best way for you and for us is to simply double bag it, tie it, and place it in your non-recyclable trash can.   This is in accordance with Ohio State Law and the EPA.   Note: Please be aware that dog waste is not a fertilizer.   Because of their high protein intake their poop is very acidic and will kill your vegetation.   Furthermore, it is host to countless bacteria that can be harmful to dogs and humans alike.   We suggest letting us double bag it and put it in the trash can, as oppose to putting it in compost.


Does MyYardBuddy have a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes, we do. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied please let us know within 24 hours of your yard cleaning, and we will send someone back out to fix the situation to your satisfaction. Note: Depending on the time of day we clean your yard your dog may have done his business after we have come by. Please, make sure it is not fresh waste before we send someone back out.


Can I skip the service visit or suspend service for vacation?
Yes, you can.   If you know you're going to be away and dogs will be gone as well, we allow you to skip two service visits before first time fees reapply. We ask that you tell MyYardBuddy within 48 hours of your scheduled service date and we will happily accommodate you.


Do you offer discounts?
We do offer discounts for pre-payment of service for six months and pre-payment of service for a year.  You can find out more about our discounts on our services and pricing page.


How will I know you've been on my property?
We leave a sticky note in a designated place that you desire (usually on a door). On that note, we will state any problems or inconsistencies that we may have encountered.   If there is nothing that catches our eye, we won't put anything on it.


Do you clean cat litter boxes?
No.   Not now.


Do you offer walking and play time with my dogs?
No.  Not now.


Do you offer lawn care services?
No.  Not now.


What can I do to aid you in doing your service better?
You can keep your grass cut to a reasonable height.  You can de-clutter your yard, whether it is toys or trash. However, we will pick up small debris. You could also rake the leaves in the fall time, as well as making sure the gate is unlocked on service day.


Do you have a referral program?
Yes we do, refer a new client and receive a FREE week of scooping after their first month of service.  You must be signed-up for weekly service to receive a free week. A free week is not valid for one-time service.  *First month of service - four (4) continuous weeks of service, not including the initial cleanup visit.


Help! I need a great gift idea. Do you have Gift Certificates?  
Absolutely! This is a wonderfully thoughtful and unique gift for any dog owner.



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